Seed Grants

Seed Grants

To help achieve the goals of EBICS, the Center has established a Seed Grant program to support the exploration of new ideas for developing cellular machines and to facilitate new research collaborations. In 2012 the Center to will fund one seed grant starting fall, 2011, in the area of developmental biology.  Specifically, proposals should focus on understanding fundamental functions in development involving signaling and other cell-cell interactions that mediate spatial organization, tissue patterning, morphogenesis, organogenesis, regeneration, etc. with a specific focus on establishing a precise and formal definition of emergent behaviors, qualitatively and quantitatively, as relevant to EBICS.  

2011 EBICS Seed Grant Recipients

  • Genetic Mechanisms of EGF-induced Glia Migration, Maribel Vazquez, CCNY; Martha Gillette UIUC; Taher Saif, UIUC; Tadmiri Venkatesh, CCNY.
  • Controlling Pluripotency and Directed Differentiation of Human Pluripotent Stem Cells in 3D Microenvironments, Fei Wang, UIUC; Jennifer Lewis, UIUC; Jianjun Cheng, UIUC; and Rashid Bashir, UIUC; Consultants: Martha Gillette, UIUC and Ning Wang, UIUC.
  • Multiplex Microfluidic Perfusion of Human Neural Progenitor Cells to Identify Factors Necessary for Clonal Propagation and Selection, Joel Voldman, MIT and Steven Stice, UGA.

2012 EBICS Seed Grant Recipients

  • Control of In Vivo Developmental Pattern Formation Via a New Large-scale Optogenetic Workstation: Opportunities for Bioengineering, Synthetic Biology, and Regenerative Medicine, Michael Levin, Tufts University.
  • Emergent Length Scales in Patterning of Cellular Lattices, Stanislav Shvartsman, Princeton University.