To help achieve EBICS goals in Research, Education, and Knowledge Transfer, the Center has established a Seminar Series to provide a forum for industry and academic leaders to speak at Georgia Tech, MIT, and UIUC. 

EBICS Distinguished Lectures

Distinguished Lectures provide an opportunity for EBICS to host internationally recognized leaders in relevant engineering, science, and education fields for the benefit of the broad academic community.The Distinguished Lectures are broadcast live to all EBICS partner institutions with the objective of educating a diverse audience in areas relevant to the work of the Center.

EBICS Sponsored Seminars

Sponsored Seminars provide an opportunity for EBICS researchers to hear speakers of interest hosted at any of the three primary institutions (GT, MIT, and UIUC). EBICS will live broadcast, to all interested partner institutions, a variety of research seminars related to the work of the Center by leading scientists and engineers.

Upcoming Seminars

The EBICS Seminar Committee consisting of Drs. Gang Bao (Chair), Taher Saif and Laurie Boyer is responsible for soliciting suggestions, identifying and inviting EBICS Distinguished Lecture speakers, and scheduling and coordinating the complete Seminar Series.

For more information or to suggest a seminar speaker, please contact Narayan Sampath.