Knowledge Transfer

The EBICS Knowledge Transfer goal is to develop effective mechanisms and pathways to facilitate intellectual exchanges between institutions and partners of various types that will support the sharing of knowledge, information, and the application of new technology.  

To meet this goal we plan to build a research community that brings together such diverse groups as developmental biologists and controls engineers, develops a common language, and promotes new interactions.  Because the Center’s discoveries are expected to have a direct impact on critical national needs in energy, the environment, security, and healthcare, EBICS will also take a leading role in developing applications based on Center research by fostering industrial partnerships.  

Through outreach programs EBICS hopes to attract more young students into science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) and particularly into the interdisciplinary field between biology and engineering with  the goal of strengthening the future US workforce’s competitiveness in a global economy.  

EBICS will also develop programs for the general public that promote an understanding and appreciation of the innovative work of the Center. 

Specifically EBICS seeks to:

  • Disseminate new ideas and approaches into broader R&D community through conferences, symposia, and workshops at professional conferences
  • Revolutionize industrial practices at the biology-engineering interface
  • Stimulate government agencies to incorporate forward engineering of multi-cellular biological systems into their program areas
  • Increase public awareness of EBICS activities through multimedia communications


EBICS International Partners

A*STAR, Singapore

Chinese Academy of Science, Beijing, China

Choongang University, Korea

Ecole Polytechnic, France

Institute for Bioengineering of Catalonia - Student Exchange Program

Korea University, Korea

Lausanne, Switzerland

Mechanobiology Institute, Singapore

Nanyang Technical University, Singapore

National University of Singapore

Oxford Univeristy, Center for Mathematical Biology - Student Exchange Program

Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology (SMART) BioSystems and Micromechanics (BioSyM) Center, Singapore

Sirio Libanes Hospital, Sau Paulo Medical School, Brazil

Soongsil University, Korea 

Tohoku University, Japan

University of Bristol, UK

University of Zaragoza, Spain