Sample REU Project Titles

Sample REU Project Titles

To provide potential applicants an idea of what one might work on within the REU Program, below are a list of project titles previous REU students have completed.

REU 2015

  • Controlled intestinal differentiation of hiPS cells using microwells
  • Protection of short RNA strands endogenously transcribed in mammalian cells
  • The Development of a Polymer Micro-bead Based Approach to Modulate Sprouting Angiogenesis into a Dense Matrix
  • The role of paracrine factors from fibroblasts on myofibrillogenesis
  • Cell Viability Characterization of Glass Capillary Micropipette Robotic Manipulation System
  • Using Oil Red O and Microfluidics to Quantify Lipid Storage
  • Development of Parameter Estimation Algorithms in MATLAB for Enzyme Kinetic Computational Modeling
  • Effect of Shear Stress and Inhibition of DNA Methylation on Differentiation of Human Multipotent Mesenchymal Stem Cells Towards Endothelial Cells
  • The Role of Red Blood Cell Derived Microparticles in Sickle Cell Disease (SS) Murine Models
  • Elucidating the Cathepsin Proteolytic Network
  • The Effect of MMP-1 on HepG2 Cell Growth on a Collagen-Coated Substrate
  • Computational Modeling of Biological Machines
  • Redox & Cell Growth: Using mitochondrial redox as indicator for tumor metastasis
  • PDMS based Microfluidic Devices for Cell Capture
  • Quantitative Analysis of Cellular Traction Forces Under Applied Stretc

REU 2014

  • Drug Mediated Skeletal Muscle Sheet Formation
  • Biomaterials for Osteotendinous repair
  • Three-Dimensional Stereolithographic Patterning of Polymers Within a Microfluidic Device
  • System Design for culture and measure of contractile forces of biofunctional hydrogels for skeletal muscle constructs
  • Expression level of linker H1 subtypes in mesenchymal stem cells under shear stress culture environments
  • Designing Mutant Cathepsins to Protect Against Cathepsin Cannibalism
  • Investigating Dysregulation in Sphingolipid Metabolism and Signaling in Hemolytic Disorder Sickle Cell Anemia
  • Charge-based Drug Delivery in Post-traumatic Osteoarthritis
  • Developing an Engineered Synthetic Microenvironment for 3D Vasculogenesis
  • Creating biomimetic neighbors for in vitro 3D β cell culture systems

REU 2013

  • Self-assembling nanoparticles for intra-articular delivery of anti-inflammatory proteins
  • Label Free Tomography of Live Cells
  • Modulating the Induction of Myogenesis through Electrical Stimulation
  • Optimization of a Suitable Growth Environment for Epithelial and Endothelial Cell Proliferation and Tubule   Formation
  • The Effect of Cell Shape and Area on Vesicle Dynamics
  • Functional Characterization of 3D Biological Machines
  • Developing a Semi-Synthetic Micro-Environment to Promote Endothelial Cell Network Formation
  • Modular genetic circuits in mouse embryonic stem cells
  • The Effects of Macrophages and Angiogenic Factors on Endothelial Cell Sprouting on 3D Microfluidic Device

REU 2012

  • Determining the Effect of Environmental Factors on the Production of Immunomodulatory Factors in hMSC Spheroids
  • The Effects of Turbulent Flow on Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells
  • Quantification of cyst-generated forces in 3D hydrogels using fluorescent particle tracking
  • Tissue engineered model of bone metastasis using bone bio composites
  • Synthesis of Mouse Embryonic Stem Cell Transcription Factors with Fluorescent Reporter Proteins for Indication of Differentiation
  • Analysis of DQ Gelatin Polyurethane Composite Enzyme Degradation
  • Quantitative Assay for Measuring Orthogonality in Contact Based Cell-cell Communication Channels for Pattern Generation in Tissue-by-Design Applications
  • In Vivo Molecular Computation Using RNA Strand Displacement in Mammalian Cells: Transduction of RNA to Protein
  • Optimizing Formation of Muscle Strips from Murine Myoblasts on a Collagen Scaffold in a Microfluidic Device
  • Novel Porous Scaffold for Three Dimensional Cell Culture: Studying the Effect of Alginate Composition in Scaffolds
  • Formation of Embryoid Bodies (EBs) and Encapsulation of Mouse Embryonic Stem Cells (mESCs) via Stereolithography
  • Label Free Analysis of Neural Network Formation
  • Cell Morphology Changes by Varying the Effective Stiffness Experienced by Nonmalignant and Malignant Mammary Epithelial Cells in Three-Dimensional in vitro Culture
  • Direct conversion of fibroblasts into neural stem cells using a nanoparticle gene delivery system