New Machines/Components Proposal

EBICS New Machines/Components Proposal

  • Date:
  • Submitted By (faculty researcher who is willing to lead this effort):
  • Additional PIs Committed to the Project:
  • Proposed New Machine/Component:
  • Proposal Summary: 
Provide a brief (1-3 page) description that addresses each of the following: 
  1. Relationship to the goals of EBICS.
  2. A brief explanation of how the machine/component would be developed. 
  3. A list of intermediate goals and milestones and an approximate timeline.
  4. Relationship, if any, to existing machines/components.
  5. Value added - How projects adds value as opposed to replicate or contribute to existing research.
  6. List of defined aims for each lab participating in the proposed project.
Program Requirements:

Please include the following program requirements in your proposal:

  1. Personnel: Faculty & staff effort (%time or expected annual hours), level of effort from other EBICS institutions/groups and from external partners
  2. Budget: Institutional and to support partner organizations
  3. Any gaps in expertise that would need to be addressed
  4. Any additional or special requirements in terms of staffing or equipment/facilities
  5. Potential for obtaining external support (e.g., industrial or governmental)
  6. Additional Resources Required: Materials, equipment, facilities, personnel, etc.
  7. Other