2016 EBICS Retreat

Sunday July 31 - Tuesday August 2, 2016

Questions? Please contact us.


Meeting Overview

EBICS faculty, staff, trainees, REU participants, External Advisory Committee (EAC), and Industry Advisory Committee (IAC) members will convene for 2016 Annual Retreat.


Location and Travel Information

1405 North Fifth Avenue
St. Charles, IL 60174
  • Trainees should plan to arrive at Q Center by 6:00 pm CST on Saturday, July 30.  
  • Faculty/EAC members/IAC members should plan to arrive at Q Center before 3:00 pm CST on Sunday, July 31.
  • The Retreat will end by 2:00 pm CST on Tuesday, August 2
Local airports include O'Hare International Airport (35 miles away) and Midway International Airport (46 miles away). We encourage you to register as soon as possible, and to secure your flight arrangements early, to allow for logisitics coordination between airports and the Q Center.
Lodging and meals at the Q Center are included for the duration of the Retreat. Funding allows reimbursement of airfare and local transportation up to the following amounts per individual:
Local travelers: $100 (inclusive of mileage)
Travel within United States: $400
Travel from Europe: $1,500
Travel from Asia: $2,000
Please note that itemized receipts MUST be submitted for reimbursement. If you are attending from UIUC or Georgia Tech, please submit your receipts to EBICS staff at UIUC or Georgia Tech respectively. If you are attending from anywhere else, please submit receipts to EBICS staff at MIT. All airfare receipts that do not explicitly indicate coach/economy class seating (or business class for continuous flight time > 6 hours) will be rejected.

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·      Q: Will we have roommates?

o   No, everyone has their own single-occupancy room.

·      Q: What is the trainee/REU activity on July 31?

o   Knockerball (bubble soccer). Dress accordingly in clothes/shoes you can really exercise in!

·      Q: What is the dress code/ what activities should I pack for?

o   Treat EBICS Retreat/Workshop like a conference, i.e. business casual dress during meeting hours. Illinois is very hot right now, so you may want to bring a variety of clothes for indoor and outdoor events. Dinner will take place outdoors on Sunday July 31.

·      Q: On the poster template, how should trainees/REUs complete Design Principles section:

o   Verbatim from Dr. Ron Weiss, EBICS Research Committee Lead: [Design principles knowledge base] serve as examples. Please come up with new design principles relevant to your project based on your experience and insight gained.

o   REUs should seek advice from your research mentors and work closely with research mentors when creating your posters.

·      Q: On poster template, how should trainees/REUs address EBICS 1.0 and EBICS 2.0?

o   EBICS 1.0 addresses background - the work you/your mentor have done/are doing now. EBICS 2.0 addresses future directions and how your work fits in to the future of EBICS in general.

o   Reminder that posters will be judged, but this is intended to be a learning experience; we're looking forward to seeing what you've done this summer!

·      Q: Can I park at the Q Center?

o   Parking is available at the Q Center.

·      Q: What events take place at the Q Center?

o   All meetings and accomodations are located at the Q Center.


You should have received messages from Carrie Kouadio on Monday July 25, 2016, about ground transportation options between airports and the Q Center. Please check your inbox. If you have not yet received these transportation messages, please let us know.



Special thanks to National Science Foundation and EBICS for their funding contributions to make the 2016 EBICS Retreat possible.